Gender diversity, gender identity, and real love

Featured image and film: (c) Dash Buxton/Break of Day Films, all rights reserved. Amanda Galea is a lesbian woman. She was married to a lesbian woman, who now identifies as trans-masculine and has begun to gender transition - now going by they/them pronouns. I sat down with Amanda and she told me her love... Continue Reading →

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An interview with Anna Gambrill @ King Chad Love: a journey of gender identity and self discovery. Anna Gambrill @ King Chad Love - one of Sydney's top drag king performers. (c) Dash Buxton/Break of Day Films. All rights reserved. Anna Gambrill is a performer, singer, producer, and model. Anna is also a non-binary human. Anna shared their journey of discovery about their own gender identity in this interview. Anna's creative... Continue Reading →

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The best things about Sydney – vox pop

Feature image and video: (c) Dash Buxton/Break of Day Films. All rights reserved. Sam and I are classmates at Ultimo TAFE's School of Radio and Journalism, Sydney. On the 11th March, 2020, we put our heads and microphones together on the streets of Ultimo to ask, "whats the best thing about Sydney?" NB: Sam... Continue Reading →

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Digital media – Pic picks

Feature image and tiled images: (c) Dash Buxton/Break of Day Films. All rights reserved. In my photo journalism class, we were asked to take a few photos, and then edit them via a phone-based photo editing tool such as Snapseed. Here's my picks of the pics I took:

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News bulletin for ‘firsts’ themed radio show – first show back on air News bulletin for “Firsts” news show - 6 Sept 2020 - I was the news director/producer! I chose 3 stories from the recent news of the day/week that fit with the radio show's 'firsts' theme. Here's my script: Hey you’re with Dash on TAFE radio. This is a new bulletin with a difference -... Continue Reading →

Why is it fun to be scared? For Halloween radio show!

Graphic: Artwork by Dan Buxton (c) All rights reserved. Graphic: Dan Buxton. Our Halloween theme show got me thinking - why do some of us enjoy being scared? University of Southern California (USC) researchers have worked it out! Eric Lindberg of USC wrote an article named, ‘Why do we like to be scared? USC... Continue Reading →

Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds – radio broadcasting mistake, or radio genius? Feature image: CBS microphone, National Museum of American History. Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication. Audio piece: (c) Dash Buxton/Break of Day Films. All rights reserved. This radio segment went to air on TAFE radio, on a show with a theme all about mistakes! This audio piece asks: Orson Welles’... Continue Reading →

Vinyl records – discovery by a new generation Image licensed to padrinan - via Pixabay License - Free for commercial use For some, the sound of crackling vinyl and a turntable finding the track represents nostalgia! For others, records are completely new and almost a novelty for the new generation who've only know music as a file in their phone or laptop.... Continue Reading →

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